About Me

I am a software craftsman living in Taos, NM. I grew up just south of Taos in a little town called Dixon. Dixon is extremely rural but my father is tech savvy and we had a variety of computers growing up. I became a self-certified nerd: voraciously consuming books and spending a lot of time in front of computers. I attended Penasco High School and eventually transferred to Taos High where I graduated with honors in 2001.

I went on to study Computer Science at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM. While at Tech, I worked for the Distance Education department, where I built and maintained a variety of websites. I received my BS in Computer Science from New Mexico Tech in 2005.

In 2006 I founded Zooleo along with Soren Gordhamer and my brother Max Moulton. Together, we built an embeddable audience engagement platform, allowing online publishers to crowdsource information from their users. Building Zooleo was a fun adventure in startup-land, but it never gained traction and was abandoned in 2008.

To pay the bills while building Zooleo, I joined my brother Max and our friend Kevyn Gilbert at their company Gizmo Productions. Over the years I built a series of increasingly powerful content management systems to help clients manage their websites. Gizmo has gradually shifted gears from web-centric business into a wide ranging multimedia and marketing company. I continue to work for Gizmo in a limited capacity -- maintaining servers and fixing the occasional bug.

In 2011 I started working for Brownrice Internet, a local hosting and programming company. I performed a variety of programming and systems administrations tasks while working at Brownrice. I left Brownrice in 2013.

After leaving Brownrice I have built and worked on a variety of projects. I spent many years developing PHP and MySQL applications, but have spent the past few years focusing on JavaScript and React.