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How to play Amazon Music on a Raspberry PI 3.


Enable the Flash Plugin in Chromium to get Amazon Music working on the Raspberry Pi 3 Chromium in PIXEL.

Playing Amazon Music on a Raspberry Pi 3

I have been using Amazon Music for a few months. I don't really like the interface -- it is a bit clunky compared with Spotify, but I love my Amazon Prime account and for the price, the Amazon Unlimited service is cheaper than Spotify. The interface is lacking but the music selection is stellar. I am a voracious music lover and have so far found only a handful of albums that Amazon Music does not have.

The PIXEL update to the Raspbian distro last fall was fantastic. I immediately appreciated the interface adjustments. My favorite alteration was the inclusion of Chromium as the default web browser. Chromium works surprisingly well on the Pi 3. It still struggles to play Youtube, but it is a major step up from the previous browser.

This weekend I tried to play Amazon Music in Chromium on the Pi. The website loaded and I could press play, but it just sat there and spun. I found a few articles that mentioned needing the Google Widevine plugin to make it work. I spent an hour running through various tutorials on extracting an ARM compatible version of Widevine from Chrome OS. I went through the Widevine extraction process, but was unable to get it working in Chromium. I then read the Amazon Music FAQ for some possible solutions and found out that it will default to Flash if the Widevine plugin is not present. Flash is not enabled by default in Chromium.

Steps to Enable Flash in Chromium

  1. Go to chrome://plugins in the address bar.
  2. Click the checkbox to enable the Flash Plugin
  3. Refresh Amazon Music

UPDATE February 2018

I switched from Amazon Music to Spotify. The raspotify client is fantastic. The daemon runs in the background. You can control playback from any other client (web, native, phone, etc...).

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