JetBrains Settings

Settings for JetBrains applications and tools.

Fix Jetbrains Font Antialiasing On Linux

How to fix JetBrains font antialiasing issue on Linux

Linux USB Audio Keep-Alive Service

Keep a USB audio device from sleeping by creating a keep alive service to play a silent sin wave using sox.

Firefox Floating Tabs Suck

The new Firefox floating tabs are a bad UI decision that violate modern web design standards.

Fix Arch Linux Logitech MX Master 2S Scroll Speed

Use logid to enable high resolution scrolling for the Logitech MX Master 2S mouse.

Configure S3 Bucket, CloudFront, and IAM for W3 Total Cache CDN

How to configure an S3 bucket and the corresponding IAM policy for the W3 Total Cache Wordpress plugin

Remap Caps Lock to CTRL in i3 Using setxkbmap

How to remap the Caps Lock key to CTRL in the i3 window manager using setxkbmap

Convert a Netgear R7000 WiFi Router into a Repeater Using DD-WRT

How to convert a Netgear R7000 wireless router into a wireless repeater using DD-WRT open source firmware and the client bridge feature.

Remap Caps Lock to Ctrl with xmodmap

Use the xorg tool xmodmap to remap the Caps Lock key to Ctrl on X Windows and run it automatically on startup

i3 Config Tip: Use Variables for Workspace Names

Use variables in your i3 config to simplify workspace name accessability.

Wordpress Events Manager Cloudflare Page Rules

Cloudflare Page Rules for the Wordpress Events Manager plugin.

PHP-FPM MySQL High Load Timeout Solution

A simple solution to a bizarre high load issue.

Customizing the Wordpress Events Manager Mini Calendar

Rewrite the small calendar to be cache friendly and limit the number of available months.

How to Disable ZSH SSH Hosts Completion

Disable /etc/hosts when zsh is autocompleting ssh commands.

metalsmith-collections: Solving the Duplication Bug

Simple solution to clear the collections between builds for the metalsmith-collections plugin.

Nunjucks Date Filter Metalsmith Configuration

How to configure the nunjucks-date-filter plugin.

Configuring Nunjucks for Metalsmith

How to configure nunjucks to work with metalsmith.

Keyboard Shortcut for Selecting Next and Previous Occurrences in Visual Studio Code

The keymap command names for selecting the next and previous occurrences in Visual Studio Code.

Adding a Header Comment with Gulp

How to add a header comment to a file using gulp.

CM Storm Ultimate Quickfire Keyboard Review

Review of the fantastic CM Storm Ultimate Quickfire Keyboard.

jQuery.append() is Slow

jQuery.append() is painfully slow.

Injecting jQuery Into a UMD IIFE

How to inject JQuery into a Universal Module Defition IIFE.

UMD: One IIFE Pattern To Rule Them All

The Universal Module Definition is an extremely useful addition to an IIFE.

Ergotron Sit-Stand Desk Review

A review of the Ergotron WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Dual Workstation.