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What is DJ Blaster?

DJ Blaster is a notification tool for radio stations. It allows station managers to add Events/Promotions, PSA's and time-specific Show Sponsorships. These bulletins are displayed to DJs for reading live on the air. A variety of reports are included that allow administrators to monitor DJ activity and gather read activity for tracking sponsored ad campaigns.

Technical Details

DJ Blaster was developed in PHP as a Symfony bundle. It was built using Doctrine so it should be compatible with any supported database, although it has only been tested with MySQL. The frontend is a simple Angular single page application with an ajax friendly API.

Show Monitoring and DJ Reads

  • DJ Show Sign In

    • DJs sign in with their show details.
    • Station managers have access to the DJ Sign In Report to monitor radio show activity.
    • DJs are automatically signed out when the end time of their show is reached.
  • DJ Read Acknowledgement

    • After a DJ reads a PSA, Show Sponsorship, or Event, they are presented with a simple dialog box where they input their initials.
    • The log of DJ Reads are then available via the DJ Read Report


Customers and Campaigns

Customers can be accessed and added via the "Customers" tab. Each Customer can have multiple Campaigns. A Campaign includes three pieces of information: name, start date, and end date. Each Campaign can have multiple PSAs, Promotions, and Show Sponsorships. These bulletins are displayed to DJs for the duration of the campaign.


PSAs are the simplest of the three types of information for the DJ to read. A PSA includes a Title and the Text for the DJ to read. PSAs are displayed to DJs in a loop, appearing sequentially based on the time of the last read.


Promotions are a general purpose notification for advertising purposes. Each Promotion includes a Title, the Text for the DJ to read, an optional "Event Start/End" date, and the "Number of Reads" that should be performed during the duration of the campaign. Promotions are displayed to the DJs at an even distribution throughout the length of the campaign. A Promotion with 20 "Number of Reads" for a campaign of 10 days will be shown to DJs twice a day.

Show Sponsorships

Show Sponsorships are ads that are to be displayed only during sponsored radio programs. Along with the Title and Text for the DJ to read, a Sponsorship read includes the show Begin and End time along with the days of the month that the reads should occur.


Station managers can access the bulletin/ad read reports via the "Reports" tab. After selecting the Customer and Campaign and Read report will be generated for the PSAs, Promotions, and Sponsorships for that campaign. A PDF version of the report can be generated by clicking the button at the top.

The DJ Sign In Report is accessed from the Dashboard tab in the menu on the left.

User Management

DJ Blaster administrators are managed via the "Users" tab.