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Kindle Highlights Browser

The Amazon Kindle stores notes, highlights, and bookmarks in a plain text file named "My Clippings.txt". Plain text notes are easy to manipulate and copy, but they are not easy to navigate. Kindle Highlights Browser offers a simple navigation interface for browsing highlights and notes.


  • Organized in a tree by Author and Title.
  • Easily filter Authors and Titles.
  • Export subset of highlights.

Technical Details

KHB was build using Electron and React. The browser interface was built as a React application. Electron provides a basic browser shell for the React app.


I love my Kindle. I read a lot and I like to highlight passages that I want to remember. Unfortunately the Kindle does not offer an easy to use interface to browse the highlights and notes. The Kindle website allows you to browse your clippings but it is extremely limited. The website UI is nonexistent and offers no navigational tools to browse by title or author. The other gripe I have with the Kindle website is that it only displays clips from books that you purchased from Amazon. I buy books from many different sources and less than half of my highlights and notes were available on the website.