Projects // Pixi


Pixi is a simple CLI file browser and video player. Pixi was built to browse and play videos on a Raspberry Pi but it should be compatible with any flavor of Linux. The default video player is omxplayer but is easily configurable to whatever your platform supports.


  • go 1.10
  • omxplayer
  • xterm*

*Xterm is not required, but is recommended so that omxplayer gains keyboard focus when a video is played.


git clone
cd pixi
go install pixi.go

Configuring the Video Player

The video player can be configured on the Settings screen. Launch pixi and press 's' to access the settings. Command line parameters can be altered to match your Pi configuration (ie audio output).

Keyboard Commands

up/down arrowsSelect directories/files
left arrowNavigate to parent directory
right arrowNavigate into directory
enter/returnPlay selected file with omxplayer
hShow history of played files
cClear history of played files (when history open)
sOpen player settings
>/.Toggle viewing hidden files
F5/Ctrl+rRefresh the list of files
q/Ctrl+cQuit pixi


To enable logging, pass the -log flag. This will create a pixi.log file in the working directory.

$ go run pixi.go -log