Projects // Raspi Commander


Raspi Commander is web based tool to remotely manage your Raspberry Pi (or other server).

Features Include:

  • Services
    • Monitor Services
    • Start/Stop/Restart Services
  • Run Scripts
    • Bash scripts
    • JSON scripts
  • Terminal Output
    • Shows the last run scripts and commands
  • External IP Address

Downloading Raspi Commander

$ git clone

Configuring Raspi Commander

Rename or copy to

# The IP address of the Raspberry Pi (or server)
IP = ""
PORT = 9090

# The path where bash scripts and json commands live
SCRIPTS_PATH = "/path/to/scripts"

# The services you want to monitor

# Time Display Format
# Reference:
TIME_FORMAT = "%-I:%M:%S %p -- %b %-d, %Y"

# Javascript files to include
# These should be held in the "/res" folder

Starting the Server

$ python3


Place your scripts in the folder configured in SCRIPTS_PATH in

You can run two different types of scripts.

  • Bash Scripts
  • JSON files that contain a python list of commands to run

The format of a JSON command file is:

    "name": "A test JSON script to run 'ls'.",
    "cmds": [["ls", "-alt"]]

The cmds must be a nested list.