Projects // RSSenal

What is RSSenal?

RSSenal is a simple single-user RSS feed reader.


  • Subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Organize your feeds into folders
  • Read feeds

Navigate using j/k or the Up/Down arrows.

There is one view: the simple headline list. One post is visible at a time. You can disable images if you prefer pure text mode.

I want to be able to read quickly. If HTML is used in a feed it is filtered for readability. CSS is not respected and reformatting is performed for many tags.

What RSSenal is NOT

There are NO sharing buttons. RSSenal assumes your are bright enough to be able to copy a feed link into your own Twiggagramablrbook app if you want to share something.

RSSenal is built to be setup on a private server, for private use by a single user. There is NO oAuth or multiple-user option. You configure the username/password in the config file.


  • pm2
  • mongodb


RSSenal is released under the MIT open source license.